Dueling Protests

It’s 3:30 pm. Downtown, the protests are in full swing. I took a little walk to the corner to buy a copy of Al Masry Al Youm from our local newspaper guy.  Nothing makes me want to improve my Arabic more than being in a country where really interesting political events are unfolding around me in said language.


On Al Jazeera, the dueling protests are being broadcast on a split screen. On the right is Maydan Al-Tahrir (Tahrir Square) where the anti-government opposition protesters have gathered, and on the left is Madinat Nasr (Nasr City) where  pro-Morsi supporters are demonstrating. You can hear the protesters in Tahrir shouting “Irhal!” or “Get Out/Go!” at President Morsi, which alternates with audio of a recording of children singing what I’m guessing is the national anthem.


On the front page of today’s edition of Al Masry Al Youm, the headline reads: “The Squares (i.e., the protesters) to Morsi: One Year is Enough.”

There’s also a small picture of Obama on the lower left side of the page, under a headline that says: “Obama: The situation is worrisome in Egypt and I advise the President and the opposition to enter into dialogue.” There has been some fallout in the press here over American Ambassador Anne Patterson’s comments about the protests. (See here for  context and here for a more recent synopsis.)

Al Jazeera just reported that the Brotherhood’s headquarters is burning in Sharqiya governate and there have been clashes between pro and anti Morsi protesters in a village outside of Cairo in Gharbia governate. Everything in Cairo is still peaceful as far as I can tell.


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