A new wave of revolution

Well, it has been a historic night. Morsi was effectively deposed by the Egyptian army, while millions of Egyptians cheered. Right now, Tahrir Square is still celebrating , and the Brotherhood and their supporters have vowed not to disappear quietly. Morsi made a rambling speech, invoking the word legitimacy again several times, and people are not sure about his current location. An Egyptian friend came by after General Sisi made his statement and said precisely what I think a lot of the protesters are feeling: he was happy that Morsi was gone, but was worried about what the future may hold for Egypt. His frustration from the year and a half transitional period when the army was in power is still too fresh. I’m wondering as well, but just for tonight, I’m going to be happy for Egypt and everyone out there who is honking their horns and setting off fireworks and banging pots and pans and crying with relief. I’m going to hope for the best.


2 thoughts on “A new wave of revolution

  1. Carol says:

    Alexia, so exciting you are there to record first person this historic night! Thanks for sharing your first hand reports!

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