Violence breaks out at pro-Morsi protests; shooting in Tahrir Square

1:25 am: My neighbors and I heard a good deal of gunfire coming from the Corniche/ Maydan Al Gal’a area earlier tonight. The Guardian is reporting  that 30 people died tonight in clashes between opposition and pro-Morsi protesters across Egypt (link here). I’m hoping that the Brotherhood and Islamist parties will be included in the new government, because otherwise, there’s no democracy and only more problems to come.

8:15:  It looks like there are clashes happening between protesters (and the police?) in Alexandria.

8:07 pm: It’s just been announced that one of the heads of the Muslim Brotherhood’s party, Rashad Bayoumy, has been released by the army, almost certainly due to the clashes breaking out around Cairo at the moment. He was in custody for two days.

On the news, it looks like people are throwing stones on 6th October Bridge in Cairo and traffic doesn’t really know where to go.

7:50 pm: Lots of helicopters buzzing by overhead. People on Twitter are reporting shooting in Tahrir square between pro and anti-morsi protesters. Live video here:

Update, 6:23 pm: The jets with the colored smoke are back. The Cairo sky is a very noisy place right now. Between the jets and the Apaches, there seem to be celebratory fly bys happening in tandem with some sort of military response to protests. If that is actually the case, then things just got weird.

6:00 pm: Various outlets are now reporting three people dead in pro-Morsi protests at the National Guard headquarters in Cairo. I’m sitting on my balcony, and I can see more military helicopters flying around the downtown area. These ones are not headed to deliver flags to adoring crowds at Tahrir. There’s this from the BBC asserting that the army just opened fire on protesters, and here’s a link to live updates from the Guardian.


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