Sonallah and the Sinai


For our Eid al Adha break, my husband and I and a few friends decided to escape the political tumult of Cairo and take a 10-hour bus ride to Dahab, a small town on the Gulf of Aqaba in South Sinai. I’m still acclimating to the quiet and beauty of this isolated place, where you can drink an ice-cold Stella and contemplate Saudi Arabia’s rugged terrain across the water – but more about that later. In the meantime, here’s a thought-provoking, troubling interview with literary luminary Sonallah Ibrahim about recent events in Cairo.

Over the course of the interview, Ursula Lindsey (a journalist who blogs for The Arabist ) tries to make sense of Ibrahim’s current political position, which contrasts sharply with the current of anti-authoritarianism that runs through most of his writing, like the excellent اللجنة (The Committee).

Interview here, on Mada Masr:


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