I spent a few hours browsing the book stalls at the Azbekeya book market earlier today. A friend who works in the archives here needed to go for research purposes and she brought another friend, a professor (originally from Gaza) who is currently teaching Middle East History at my Alma mater, UC Santa Barbara. Such is the small world we inhabit.

The weather has been exceedingly hot lately and it being Ramadan, not a lot of people were out and about. I’m working on a story about the publishing industry in Egypt and asked a few of the vendors what books have been selling lately. Most people answered: lots of books by Ahmed Mourad and Youssef Ziedan. There were a few outliers, like Radwa Ashour’s  ثلاثية غرناطة (Granada Trilogy). I found a copy of Ghada Abd el-Aal’s عايزة اتجوز (I Want to Get Married) for five guinea, which seemed like a pretty unbeatable price. My friend was looking for magazines or newspapers from Alexandria in the 1920s but didn’t have much luck. I might head back to the souq on Sunday before I fly back to the states on Monday – a fact which I’m still coming to grips with. Here are a few pictures from the trip.